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Miss Manners and Emily Post be damned: the insistence on following stuffy, strict, and frequently inexplicable rules concerning what constitutes proper social behavior strikes us here at DigsMagazine as being just a tad, well, fascist. In a fair and just world, no one would be judged based upon what clothes they wear, which fork they use, or how they hold a wine glass. On the other hand, nobody wants to look like a boor in front of someone they’re actually trying to impress. So what’s a well-meaning quasi-adult to do when confronted with those tricky social situations where you’ve got a nagging feeling that Mom would be chiding you to do something … only you’re just not sure what?

Welcome to Etiquette Schmetiquette, the column that helps the etiquette-impaired. There’s a fine line between useful guidelines for good social behavior, and the ludicrous decrees of prissily pretentious Propriety. Etiquette Schmetiquette upholds the ideals of the former, and says to hell with the snobs.

new! | what's the best way to have a reception after we elope? i addressed an invite "and Guest" -- why are they mad at me? is it okay to throw a shower for a second baby? help -- we're hosting an engagement party and the vegetarian guests of honor have requested no meat be served! read our q+a

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the archives ...
09.18.03 | what can i do about a friend who never wrote her wedding and shower thank you notes? when's the best time to throw a housewarming? help! my roommate is driving me nuts -- and she thinks it's my own fault!
8.21.03 | how do i throw a housewarming party for a friend? eek -- i forgot to send my thank-you notes! if guests haven't responded to a shower invite, should i call them? help! guests keep crashing my dinner parties!
| help -- mom won't throw me a bridal shower! do i tip my hairdresser if they own the salon? what's the deal -- wedding invitations with no reply cards? 05.29.03 Everyone's stressing over how to be a good wedding guest. get our advice on rsvp etiquette + more
04.17.03 | have i committed a wedding shower faux pas? how do i get my roommate's live-in girlfriend to pay her share?
03.06.03| so can i wear my black dress to an evening wedding? should I take off my shoes when visiting a friend's home? who to invite to the engagement party? can i have two back-to-back housewarming parties on the same day?

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Want to know... whether you can wear black to wedding?

what's the longest you can wait to write those thank you notes?

if you should've at least offered to pay your half when your friend treated you to dinner for no reason?

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