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04.05.2007 new

o flick picks Get a little serious with two fine, thought-provoking indie flicks, both featuring fantastic performances by young'uns: Half Nelson and 12 and Holding.


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o before oscar In honor of three of this year's biggest winners, Martin Scorsese, Forest Whitaker and Helen Mirren, spend some time with a few of their best noted works from a time before their grand night with Oscar. Kiera Tara O'Brien reviews Raging Bull, The Crying Game and The Madness of King George. more
o must see dvd tv: the office (US), extras DVD releases offer a great way to catch up on current sitcoms that may have escaped your television-watching radar. Here are a couple refreshingly different, laugh-track free sitcom offerings that are well worth renting... more

o ...and now for a holiday special revisiting old holiday favorites

o the witching hour: halloween chick flicks

that 70s film: fright night classics
the bookshelf:back to school Fall no longer forces us back inside a high school classroom -- and frankly, phew! Still, if the crisp autumn air has you waxing nostalgic for school days gone by, you're in luck. Relive the high school angst through great books like these: Old School and Prep. more
must-see dvd tv: battlestar galactica, the 4400 Good storytelling knows no genre limits: even if you don't normally consider yourself a big sci-fi fan, here are two sci-fi series that are well worth checking out on DVD. more
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o more flick picks Getting older doesn't knowing all the answers, especially when it comes to that tricky thing called love. This week's DVD picks offer an interesting look at how relationships change as we grow up and (supposedly) mature: Conversations with Other Women andThe Last Kiss

recent flick picks: Trying to figure out love, friendship and career options in the quasi-adult years can be tough. For a little commiseration, check out these recent DVD releases, two low-budget indie gems that do a stellar job of capturing 20something angst: Mutual Appreciation and The Puffy Chair

recent flick picks:Documentary filmmakers Heidi Ewing and Rachel Grady have a knack for combining good storytelling with thought-provoking subject matters, without letting it turn into manipulative propaganda. Check out our reviews of their films Jesus Camp and The Boys of Baraka.


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