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5 ideas for organized fun
 by Yee-Fan Sun |
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Somewhere, somehow, on that long road between graduation and true adultdom, the fine art of hanging out stops seeming like an adequate reason to assemble with friends. Maybe it’s a matter of proximity – it’s harder to justify swinging out of your way to do absolutely nothing when you and your pals no longer live down the dorm hall from one another. Maybe it’s because you’ve all started to settle into real relationships, and the homebody life just sounds a lot more appealing. Whatever the case may be, there comes a time in every quasi-adult life when organized fun and structured socializing start to sound like a sensible entertainment option. Yeah, this is a sure sign that you’re getting old. Deal with it, and you’ll still have plenty of fun. Check out these five fab reasons to get your friends gathered together on a regular basis (of course, all five are also great ways to get acquaintances from different social circles to meet each other) …

1 Movie Night
The requirements for a good movie night are pretty simple: plenty of comfy seating, a decent TV and VCR/DVD player, and friends who are willing to watch movies they might otherwise never have thought to pick up at the video store themselves. It’s always a nightmare trying to get a group of people to decide on a movie while perusing the store shelves ensemble, so either have the host send out an email with a few suggestions and get the group to vote ahead of time, or leave it to the whim of the host entirely.

Ideas for movie night themes
Bad movie night— Some movies are so awful they’re actually fun. The best part about hosting bad movie nights is that there’s no pressure to find a movie that everyone will genuinely adore. In fact, the worse the better: here’s your chance to revel in cheesy acting, terrible sets, ludicrous storylines, and bad dialogue. The joy of watching a bad movie is in the heckling
Classic movie night— Classic movie nights are a great way to catch up on all those old movies you know you really should see, but have a tendency to bypass at the video store in the fact of new arrival temptation.
Around-the-world— Take a cinematic tour around the world by focusing on foreign films.

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