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Nothing gets people in a party spirit like a round of shots. Sure, there’s something a tad juvenile about slamming back the shot-glasses, but sometimes a little bit of immaturity can be just what a quasi-adult needs. Shots are the very antithesis of everything the cocktail snobs think good drinks ought to be: frequently so sweet/strong/harsh that they couldn’t possibly be tolerated in any other slower-sipping form, shots aren’t meant to be classy. They’re 100% pure concentrated fun without any pretense, meant to be enjoyed amongst good, good friends who’ll still love you no matter how much of an embarrassment you make of yourself— and on a long, long evening in which no one has any immediately pressing places to drive to for quite awhile. 

If you’re ready to move beyond the classic tequila shot, dole out some of these shooters at your next party.

lemon drop
lemon vodka (Stoli Limonnaya, Absolut Citron, etc)
lemon wedge

Sprinkle sugar on a plate. Cut the lemon into wedges, then dip each wedge into the sugar, coating the surface as well as you can. Fill shot glasses with lemon vodka. Down a shot; suck a lemon; enjoy!

Bailey’s Irish Cream
Grand Marnier

In a shot glass, layer equal quantities in the exact order shown – because of their differing densities, each ingredient should float as you add it, creating a pretty layered shot. Of course, to maintain the layers, you’ll need to pour very, very carefully with a steady hand. Alternatively, pour your first ingredient. Take a small spoon and rest the tip against the surface of the first layer, bottom (convex) side up, then pour the next liquor over the surface of the spoon as gently as possible. Let the layer rest a few seconds, then repeat with the next ingredient.

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