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get handy: cheap and easy  
corner SHELVES
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Installing the shelves
6. Determine where youíll want your shelves to go on the wall. This is where itíll help to have a friend helping you. While youíre up there holding the shelf in place against the wall, get your pal to step back and check to make sure that youíve got the board basically level. You can use a level if youíre so inclined Ė or if youíre trying to do this project solo Ė but it isnít necessary Ö corner shelves, because theyíre so short, tend not to show slight slants quite as much as a normal, long shelf might. 

Once youíve adjusted the shelf so that itís in just the right place, mark where the bottom of the shelf hits the wall, using a pencil. Note: itís entirely likely that the shelf will not fit perfectly tightly into the corner Ö unless youíve got a very poorly constructed set of walls, or youíve done a truly slipshod job of cutting your board, you should be able to have one edge of the shelf flush against the wall, and the second sticking out just slightly. Trust me: itíll look fine in the end.

7. Now itís time to determine where your brackets should go. Ideally, youíll want to anchor at least one bracket into a stud, of course. To look for studs, use a stud seeker (available at any hardware store), or rap along the wall until you hear the sound change from a hollow echo-ey sound to a dull thud. That having been said, itís entirely possible that you wonít be able to find a stud under the area where shelf has to go: what will probably happen is that youíll discover that the only stud will be in the corner (studs are commonly found every 18" Ö which means once youíve found one under your 12" board, youíre unlikely to find a second that you can use). At any rate, in the event that you find yourself lacking a stud, never fear: you can basically put your brackets anywhere under that line youíve drawn on the wall, as long as they: 1) arenít too close to the corner (you wonít get good support); 2) donít overlap with one another. A good rule of thumb is to position your brackets approximately 2/3 of the length of the board, as measured from the corner.

Hold a bracket to the wall, with one arm of the bracket (the longer one) pressed against the wall and pointing towards the floor while the second arm juts out from the wall, level with the placement line that you drew earlier. Mark the bracketís placement by penciling a dot in each of its screw holes. Continue with the remaining brackets.

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