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get handy: cheap and easy  
corner SHELVES
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8. Set the brackets aside for now. Drill a hole at each point in the wall where a screw has to go. Use a drill bit that’s just slightly smaller than the width of your screw – for #6 screws, that’ll be a 3/16" bit. Make the holes just deep enough to accommodate the plastic anchors.

9. Once you’ve got your holes drilled, pop in those anchors, banging them gently with a blunt object to help them go in.

10. Now you’re ready to screw in your brackets to the wall. For each bracket, you’ll have to line it up, as best you can, with the plastic-filled holes. Don’t panic if you find that your holes don’t line up exactly right – as long as your screw goes somewhere into the plastic part, you’ll be fine. Screw your brackets into place, using the ¾" screws that came with the plastic anchors – an electric screwdriver comes in handy, but you can do it by hand if you must.

11. Almost there now … place the shelf on its brackets and, pressing down firmly on the top of the shelf while you work, use the ½" screws to attach the brackets to the bottom of the shelf. 

And voilà – you’ve got yourself some corner shelves. If you want the brackets to blend in more with the walls, paint them in the same color as your walls (make sure you mask off the wall area before you start attacking those brackets with the brush). Otherwise, start filling up those shelves!

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