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get handy: cheap and easy  
corner SHELVES
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shopping list (to make 4 corner shelves) |
1 – 24" round particle board 
4 – 8"x10" shelf brackets*
4 – 6"x8" shelf brackets*
24 – #6 x ¾" wall screws with plastic anchors
(to screw into the walls; the screws should be labeled for masonry/hollow wall use)
24 – #6 x ½" screws
(to screw into the boards)

* if you’re not putting lots of heavy things on your bookshelves, you can definitely substitute the smaller 6"x8" shelf brackets for the 8"x10"s … your brackets will then be nice and symmetrical.

helpful tools | You can make do with no more than a wood saw, a drill, a straightedge/ruler, a pencil, and a screwdriver. Having a table saw (best) or circular saw will make cutting the board a heck of a lot faster; an electric drill with screwdriver attachment will come in mighty handy. And, as with most home improvement-type projects, it always helps to have a friend around, who can hold things up against the wall while you check for placement/levelness.

directions |
Cutting the board
1. Draw a line between any two points along the circumference of your circular board. To make step 2 a little easier, make the length of the line a number that’s easily divisible by two (I chose 20"). 

2. Using a T-square, draw a line that bisects the chord at a 90° angle, and goes from one edge of the circle to the other. The line you draw will be a diameter of the circle.

3. Draw another line that bisects the diameter you just drew, again at a 90° angle. The circle should now be divided into more or less even quarters. 

4. Cut the board into quarters, using a table saw (obviously the fastest, easiest option), a circular saw, or a handsaw.

5. You’ve now got four lovely rounded corner shelves! Paint the boards in whatever color suits your fancy (I went with a simple white). You’ll need two to three coats or so of paint.

installing those shelves

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