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a seduction in three courses 
by Yee-Fan Sun
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Over the years since we've been together, the boy and I have developed a little Valentine's Day ritual. At the beginning of every February, I mention that Valentine's Day is coming up. He greets this with a look of panic. Already? he says. Almost, I nod. Let's try to plan something fun to do this year, I suggest. Okay, he agrees. At which point, we both file the thought away on our to-do lists, and promptly forget all about it until, oh, February 13th or so.

By that point, of course, every restaurant in town has long since booked up. If we're really lucky, we might be told there's a last minute cancellation for dinner at 4:30, or that they might be able to squeeze us in at 10. More often than not, there's a stifled snort of laughter on the other end of the phone line when we call to inquire about booking a table. So yes, it's by necessity more than choice that I've come to spend nearly all my Valentine's Days of recent memory doing the cozy night at home.

Still, I've come to appreciate the many plus sides of staying in on February 14th. No waiting for the table that's supposedly been reserved; no trying to ignore the conversations of the loud-talking couples sitting elbow to elbow with us; no disappointment when we show up at a favorite eatery waiting to order some beloved dish, only to discover that they're doing a special Valentine's Day set menu, which is only notable in that it fails to feature the one thing we actually want. At home, it's just me and my favorite boy in the world, with a long evening all to ourselves, and an infinity of possibilities. And when I think about it, what restaurant could top that? Especially given how easy it is to prepare a dinner that's as divinely delicious as anything you could order out.

Staying in with your sweetie this Valentine's Day? Start the seduction off right with this heavenly three-course feast that'll leave you with no doubt that this February 14th, you have the best table in town -- even if that table is in your own humble abode.

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