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x for healthy eating how to make a healthy meal (and enjoy it too)
by Stacy Conradt
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Ah, January. It's an optimistic month for a lot of people: a fresh start to another year, a clean slate. If you're anything like me, you swear that after the champagne and tapas on New Year's Eve, you're going to get serious about getting fit. Or starting a workout routine. Or eating healthier. This all goes well for about two weeks, maybe three if I'm really motivated. But by February, I'm ready for the conversation hearts and mass amounts of chocolate that Valentine's Day brings.

Last year, I finally broke that cycle, although not in a way I would have chosen to. At the beginning of the year, my husband was diagnosed with diabetes. Mind you, this is a man who could eat an entire box of 12 ice cream sandwiches in the span of, oh, 30 minutes (if he was pacing himself). You'd never know it, though -- he has one of those insane metabolisms that seem to make him lose weight when he consumes more. My point? This is a man who likes to eat. So the typical diabetes food -- carrot sticks and cookies that taste like cardboard -- just wasn't going to cut it for him. We tried it at first, sure, but it didn't last long. Because he hated what he was eating, he was more likely to go on those ice cream sandwich binges. Or Cadbury's chocolate bar binges. Or Tastykake binges.

We also go out a lot and it quickly got old when we went to parties and couldn't find anything for him to munch on besides Diet Coke and the cliché veggie tray. So, we had to figure out something to make him enjoy eating again, or run the risk or really ruining his health. Luckily, we're both creative and I like to cook, so we came up with some options that are tastier than raw broccoli and cauliflower.

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