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rx for healthy eating how to make a healthy meal (and enjoy it too) by Stacy Conradt | 1 2 3 4
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breakfast burrito
Don't let the name of the dish fool you -- you can have this any time of the day. The key is to make sure you get a low-carb tortilla (we like the 8" Mission brand). The rest is easy!

1 low-carb tortilla
2 eggs*
a splash of skim milk
spices to taste
fresh veggies of your choice

*For lower calories or lower cholesterol, you can use egg substitutes or egg whites instead.

directions: Turn your oven on to the broil setting. Scramble your eggs with a splash of milk, using a fork to whip some air into them. Cook in a skillet with a bit of non-stick cooking spray, adding in diced tomatoes, mushrooms, spinach, peppers -- whatever you have on hand. While the eggs are cooking, put your tortilla on a cookie sheet and broil it for five minutes or so, depending on your oven, until warmed through. When your eggs are done, spread them in the middle of the tortilla and wrap up like a burrito. Top with salsa, sour cream or shredded cheese if you like. That's it!

Information per burrito (no cheese, whole egg used)
Calories: 310
Fat: 17g
Carbs: 21g
Sugar: 0

veggie tray
OK, OK, so you already know you can do the veggie tray or fruit platter for a lighter, healthier snack. But instead of buying the pre-made platters at the grocery store with the requisite tub of ranch dressing in the middle, do your own thing. Slice up red and yellow bell peppers. Do chunks of tofu and slices of eggplant or zucchini. Forget the ranch dressing and buy a few different kinds of hummus or some black bean dip. Or whip up your own concoction for a dip -- some beans or tomatoes, a little olive oil, garlic, various spices -- the possibilities are endless.

For a fruit tray, add a few things that folks may not have tried before -- grapples, starfruit, papaya or clementines, to name a few. Do the standard fruit or veggie tray in a creative and different way, and you'll soon discover that eating well doesn't have to be a bore.


Stacy Conradt is a communications consultant and freelance writer based out of Philly. Although she likes all of these recipes (especially the smoothies), she admits to mixing up chocolate-chip cookies from time to time just to eat the dough.

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