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feeling saucy?  
simple equations for flav-o-rific food
  1 2 3

Simply put, sauces give food flavor. It’s no coincidence that the most celebrated cuisines – Italian, French, Chinese, among others – all make liberal use of a variety of sauces, while the least loved – British food, anyone? – notably lack them. Get familiar with these versatile sauces, because with these basics in your cooking repertoire, you’ll have no problems whatsoever with throwing together impromptu dinners from whatever happens to be floating around in your fridge.

NOTE: All of the sauces will benefit from the final addition of salt and pepper to taste. Any ingredients for which an amount is not specified should be added to taste. Finally, as always, all amounts are approximate ... feel free to adjust to suit your own personal tastes.

tomato sauce
the basic equation | 
(2 lbs. tomato) + (1 small onion) + (3 cloves garlic) + (10 large basil leaves)
technique | sauté onion and garlic with olive oil; add remaining ingredients and cook
pairs best with | pasta, pizza
simple variations on the equation |
(basic) + (mixed fresh herbs -- oregano, parsley, etc.)
2 (basic) + (crushed red pepper) = Arrabbiata
3 (basic) + (any veggies – mushrooms, peppers, eggplant)
(basic) + (1 tbsp. capers) + (8 sliced olives) + (crushed red pepper) = Puttanesca
5 (basic) + (1 minced green pepper) + (cumin) + (chili powder) = salsa

the basic equation | (2 c. basil) + (1 large clove garlic) + (1/3 c. olive oil) + (2 tbsp. pine nuts)
technique | toss all ingredients in a blender and combine
pairs best with | pasta, pizza, soups (esp. veggie), risotto, steamed fish
simple variations on the equation |
(basic) + (grated parmesan)
2 (basic) + (grated romano)
3 (basic) - pine nuts + walnuts


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