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the Furniture FACELift Fiasco, 
a cautionary tale in two parts
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PART ONE: Re-Finishing

Step one: It comes undone.
If it was put together, it can be taken apart. Figuring out exactly how was, for me, the fun part (I like puzzles).
After examining the chair, it seemed obvious to me that the easiest thing to remove would be the bottom cushion. The base was screwed down to the wooden frame, and once the screws were removed, the cushion came off easily. I then examined the back cushion, which wasnít screwed to anything but did, I noticed, have metal runners on both sides, that seemed to slide into corresponding metal runners on the wooden frame. A quick tug upwards released the cushion from the frame.

Every chair will be constructed a bit differently, so I canít tell you exactly how to take apart your chair. My main advice here: be smart, be gentle. Walk around the chair, flip it upside down, figure out which pieces are connected and how. Use your noggin before you start trying to tear things apart. The first step will most likely be to unscrew any visible screws; this should allow you to begin dissembling.

At this point I had taken apart the chair and had three components lying on my floor: the wooden frame, the bottom cushion and the back cushion. So far, so good. I was feeling quite pleased with myself.

Step two: Off with the old finish ...
I decided to start by re-finishing the wooden frame, since I figured that would be the most time-intensive chore. The first essential, then, was to remove the current finish, which was very chipped. Since I lacked a power sander, I planned on sanding away the varnish and stain by hand, with nothing more than a few pieces of medium-grained sandpaper. 

more fun and foibles ... !

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