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the Furniture FACELift Fiasco, 
a cautionary tale in two parts
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Back at home with a brand-spanking new brush (the cheapest I could find), I flipped the chair over and applied a coat to the sections of the frame that I’d been unable to reach the day before. Later in the afternoon, when the bottoms had dried, I set the chair upright again. After lightly sanding away some of the areas where the stain/varnish had gobbed up most egregiously, I applied a second coat – this time being hyper-vigilant about using light, thin strokes.

The second coat evened out the color a bit more, although upon close inspection, my messy stain job was still very much in evidence. In retrospect, I suspect that selecting a separate stain and varnish rather than the all-in-one shortcut would have yielded better results, as the unevenly applied stain wouldn’t have immediately dried up and turned un-workably gooey. However, given that the only solution would have been to start over from the beginning – hello again sanding block – I decided that I could learn to live with the imperfections. I had now spent the better part of my weekend re-finishing the chair – the re-upholstering of the cushions would clearly have to wait until next weekend. So much for the fast weekend furniture fix-up.

TO BE CONTINUED  in 2 weeks…

in part II: find out how, despite all our screw-ups, we still manage to turn the ugly chair at left to the red beauty on the right!


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