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1. Youíll be cutting your pine board into two pieces of length a, and two of length b, plus however many shelves of (a-1.5") length that youíd like. (Yes, that measurement for the shelves is indeed "-1.5", not 2", due to the fact that the thickness of your 1"x10" or 1"x12" will actually be ĺ", not 1". ) Measure carefully before cutting, and mark with a line.

2. Use c-clamps to clamp the board to a pair of sawhorses, or on a sturdy table/workbench, in such a way that the cut line hangs just off the edge of whatever youíre using as a support. Youíll want to insert a piece of wood between the c-clamp and your board, to avoid putting a big dent in your nice wood. Using the handsaw, saw the pine board with long, even strokes, following the cut lines as carefully as possible.

3. Sand the rough cut edges using the sandpaper.

4. Glue the two side pieces to the bottom piece, as shown. Once the glue has dried, glue on the top piece. Let dry.

5. Youíre now ready to screw the boards together. Mark a dot in each corner of the top and bottom pieces of wood as shown (left).

6. Use a drill bit thatís smaller in diameter than your wood screws to first drill holes where the screws will go. This will help to prevent the wood from splitting when it comes time to put in the screws. Once youíve drilled those holes, the screws are ready to go in. If your drill has an electric screwdriver attachment, by all means use it; otherwise, a good old-fashioned manual screwdriver will do just fine.

7. Take a look at your book collection and determine whether youíll need tall shelves, medium shelves, short shelves, or a combination thereof. Bear in mind that itís a good idea to put the tall heavy books on the bottom, where thereíll be no danger of shelf warp-age.

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