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8. Using your ruler, measure along the two sides of the bookshelf to mark a line in each spot where you’ll want to install a shelf.

9. Mount the L-brackets just under each line. You’ll need two L-brackets on each side, one near the front of the bookcase, and one towards the back. Use the ˝" screws to attach the brackets to the sides of the bookshelves. Of course, you can now stain, paint, or otherwise decorate your bookcase however you see fit.

10. Slide in your shelves (painted and stained, if you’d like) so they rest on the L-brackets. Note: If you've made a tall bookcase, you'll want to screw at least one of the middle shelves to the L-brackets to keep the sides from bowing out. If you've made a very wide shelf, and it seems a bit wobbly, screw L-brackets into the bottom and top pieces as well; also, consider adding braces (they look like flat L's) to the back joints for increased stability, or alternatively, inserting another vertical divider.

11. Add books and enjoy!
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Get fancy:

Add casters to the bottom for a mobile bookcase. This might be especially useful on low, wide bookcases, which you could use as a  makeshift coffee table.

If you’re dead-set on wide shelves, add a 1"x2" or 1"x3" board that runs down the back of the bookcase. You can then screw L-brackets to that back spine, providing better support for the shelves.

For a more involved modification, make a corner bookshelf. Cut the shelving into triangles, using ˝" thick plywood (which is much stronger than pine and comes in bigger sheets).

Add a door or curtains to the front of the bookcase, so you can hide away your messy junk from view.

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