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let's salsa 
how to make fresh salsa

by Yee-Fan Sun |
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I never would have thought this could happen. After spending so many years living in Tucson convinced that that little desert town wasn't for me, I now find myself back in a proper city -- in beautiful Edinburgh, no less -- and feeling a bit homesick for the dusty southwest. As it turns out, I miss that alien landscape of desert and mountains and saguaro cacti; I miss wide open sky, so never-ending blue it's blinding. Reaching for a sweater now, even in June, I miss the sunshine and the smells of real summer. But most of all, what I miss is the food. Margaritas and fresh tortillas, green corn tamales and refried beans made with lard. And salsa -- real, fresh, spicy homemade salsa, the sort that came free at the beginning of any Mexican meal in Tucson, and that was so good you had to resist the urge to fill up on it before your real food ever arrived at the table.

Fortunately, when it comes to the salsa at least, I can still sate my southwest cravings --with just a quick trip to the green grocer and ten minutes in the kitchen. Add some tortilla chips and a big salt-rimmed margarita and ahhhh, I can almost fool myself into believing it's actually summer -- never mind that the pesky Scottish weather seems determined to keep me bundled up in long-sleeves all year round.

Never made your own salsa before? If your experience thus far has been limited to the jarred stuff that comes in the chips aisle at the supermarket, you've been seriously missing out. Fresh salsa is addictively tasty and incredibly easy to make. And with the tomatoes finally starting to come into season and look properly red and ripe, now's a great time to start whipping up your own homemade fresh salsa.

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