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how to make pancakes
by Yee-Fan Sun |
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I am not a morning person, and breakfast is generally not my most important meal of the day. Most weekdays, forced to get up so I can be a productive member of society, I can barely scrounge up the energy to add milk to cereal first thing in the morning; more often than not, I'll skip the morning meal altogether and head straight to my computer. This lack of food may, I suppose, explain why I'm rather beastly most weekday mornings; as my family has long since learned, it is not a good idea to try to talk to me before the hour of 10 am, unless for some reason you are actually seeking to elicit monosyllabic retorts.

But come Saturday, when the boy and I each have the luxury to sleep till whenever and roll out of bed whenever we damn well please, time seems to stretch on forever, and morning no longer seems like some pesky reminder to get on with the day. Breakfast, then, suddenly strikes me as the best idea in the world -- maybe because I don't start thinking about it till it's closer to lunchtime by most people's clocks. Sometime around 10:30, 11, later if we're having an especially lovely lazy day, I'll realize my tummy's growling protests of neglect. That's when I'll pad into the kitchen in my comfy lounge clothes, pull out the skillet and some mixing bowls, and get to work on making this weekend breakfast staple...

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