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11 Essential Kitchen Tools |  1 2 3
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10 a decent can opener

Canned goods are a pantry essential. Now I’m not advocating stocking up on cans of Campbell’s soup, but canned diced tomatoes, low-sodium chicken broth, pre-cooked beans and the like, are all incredibly useful to have on hand. You will, therefore, be requiring a can opener. I like the ones with a nice rubber grip [I think both Rubbermaid and XOXO offer versions].

11 a decent vegetable peeler

A vegetable peeler will allow you to quickly [and at a minimal risk of injury], peel carrots, potatoes, apples, and whatever else your little heart desires to have de-skinned. As with the can opener, something with a good rubber grip works best.

plus … Other mighty useful implements include: a slotted spoon, a ladle, a cheese grater, a wire mesh strainer, a whisk, a large wooden spoon, a bread knife, a set of measuring spoons/measuring cups, a large mixing bowl.

There’s a tool for virtually every kitchen task you could possibly imagine – and quite a few for processes you’d never have thought could have benefited from the availability of a special tool created expressly for that specific purpose [apple corer, egg slicer, garlic press, anyone?] – but keep the eleven basics listed above on hand and you’ll find you have what you need to quickly and easily create just anything you could think of to whip up for dinner.

Print out this shopping list and start gathering supplies!

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