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food for love a valentine's day feast | 1 2 3
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honeyed figs stuffed with almond mascarpone cheese
Fresh figs are possibly one of my favorite foods on Earth -- such the perfect incarnation of edible goodness that, when I find myself confronted with a carton of ripe figs in season, I have to desperately fight the selfish urge to hoard the whole lot for my enjoyment, and mine alone. So it's a true testament to my love that I'll (on very special occasions) offer the boy some as well. Sadly, fresh figs are hard to get outside of their rather short season, so more often than not, I find myself making do with the dried versions. Still, dried figs are a delight in and of themselves, so don't be too disappointed if you have to use them for this recipe. The result will be different, but still heavenly.

6 figs, preferably ripe and fresh, but if you can't get your hands on any, substitute with 8-10 good dried figs (depending upon how large they are)
1/3 cup of mascarpone cheese*, softened at room temp
cup sliced almonds, toasted and cooled
2 tsps honey, plus more for drizzling

*Mascarpone is an Italian cream cheese, way softer and creamier than the cream cheese you're probably used to. You can find it amidst the other gourmet cheeses at most good supermarkets.

Grind 3 Tbsp. toasted almonds in a food processor. Stir it into the mascarpone. Cut a slit lengthwise in the fig, then plump out the fig gently with you fingers. Stuff in the cheese mixture generously. Arrange on a platter. Before serving, drizzle with honey and scatter with remaining almonds. Garnish with a sprig of mint, if you have some handy. Eat with your hands, the better to lick the honey-fig-mascarpone that inevitable oozes out off your fingers -- or better yet, let your sweetie have the honors.



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