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notes from a small kitchen
by Yee-Fan Sun |
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8 Do the chopping for every dish you'll be cooking for the evening in one go, before you move on to any other cooking steps. Transfer the prepped ingredients to small bowls or a big plate; discard the peels and nubs; give the area a quick wipe clean. You'll clear up that countertop space so it's ready for other uses, and with your ingredients all sliced, diced and ready-to-go, you can pretend you're starring in your very own cooking show (or, um, maybe I'm the only one who likes to do that).

9 During those times when you're cooking up a big feast, do the dishes as you go along -- while you're waiting for water to boil, or a sauce to cook down, or whatever. Avoiding the big pile-up means that you'll have more space in which to actually get your cooking done. And after dinner, when those dishes are dry, get in the habit of putting them away… so you don't have the excuse of the drying rack being full when it comes time to wash up while you cook the next night.

10 Make more one-pot meals. Soups and stews, as well as quiches and frittate, require just one big pot or pan and make for an easy, yummy meal -- with the only thing you really need for accompaniment being some good bread, and maybe a salad if you're feeling extra-industrious. Fried rice is even more efficient -- you get your veggies, starch and (if you're so inclined) meat all in a single tasty dish. The less dishes you have to use to put your meal on the table, the less cluttered the kitchen will feel while you work -- and as an added bonus, washing up goes a whole lot faster as well.

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