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easy as pie how to make a better pie crust
by Yee-Fan Sun |
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Favorite method:
Regardless of whether you're using a food processor, pastry blender, knives, or your fingers, begin by adding only 2/3 the total butter specified in the recipe. Reserve the remainder while you work the butter and flour into that cornmeal-like texture. Work in the remaining 1/3 by hand, until you have some pea-sized lumps along with the finer-grained bits. If at any point, the butter starts feeling greasy, pop the whole shebang into the fridge and wait ten minutes or so.

Add the water tablespoon by tablespoon and press it into the flour mixture with a spatula, working just till the dough will stick together when pinched. Gather the mixture into a ball as best you can, wrap it in plastic wrap, then flatten into a disk. Toss the dough into the fridge, and let it chill for at least an hour, or up to a day. When you're ready to make the crust, pull the dough disk out of the fridge. Unwrap and spread out the plastic wrap around the dough. Check the dough -- it should cohere, but not be sticky. If it does seem tacky, dust both sides with a little flour.

rolling out the dough
Tear off another sheet of plastic wrap and place this on top of the dough; start rolling out the dough into a large circle, using a rolling pan. Sandwiching the dough between plastic wrap while you roll should eliminate the potential disaster of trying to transfer your rolled-out crust to the pan, only to discover that the dough's just as happy to continue adhering to your countertop.

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