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6 ways to add new life to 
tired old leftovers
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Call me fickle, but no matter how much I may like the flavors of any single dish, two – three at best -- consecutive meals of said dish are pretty much the maximum that my variety-craving tastebuds can tolerate. Unless you’re one of those weird people that eats solely for the purpose of replenishing lagging energy/nutrient levels, you’d sooner let a leftover collect mold in the fridge and splurge on takeout, than dutifully hack away at your remainders for more than a few dinners in a row. There is, however, a more creative and economical way of coping with the bottomless meal remnants: give your surplus a quick makeover. Below, six of my favorite tried and true methods for re-inventing those tired leftovers ... (note: a printer-friendly version can be found at the end of the article)

1. Scrambled eggs/Omelets/Frittate
I’ve got to admit that the first time my boyfriend offered to whip me up some scrambled eggs for dinner, I was more than a bit skeptical – they’ve always struck me as a breakfast food. It’s a dumb pre-conception – if anything, the heartiness of an egg concoction is actually better-suited to later in the day, when you’ve actually had time to work up an appetite. At any rate, scrambled eggs, omelets, and the omelet’s fancier Italian cousin, the frittata, are all fabulous ways to recycle your leftovers.
Ideal candidates | cooked veggies, grated cheese, deli meats, cooked meats, sausage
Necessary materials | eggs (duh), skillet (for a frittata, it should be cast-iron – 8"/9"-size if you’re cooking for two; 6"-size if cooking for one), cooking oil
Basic recipe (serves 2):

step1. Beat 4 large eggs in a bowl. For scrambled eggs and frittate, stir in the leftovers (except cheese).
step2. In a skillet, heat 1 tbsp. oil on medium. Swirl to coat the pan. When the oil is hot (to test: drip some egg in the pan; if it starts to cook, you’re good to go), add the egg mixture.

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