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fast foods: winter quickies
simple, speedy meal ideas by Yee-Fan Sun
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6 spaghettini with veggie, garlic and oil
In the short amount of time it takes to boil up some water and cook up pasta – skinny noodles like spaghettini or angel hair will cook relatively fast – you can easily chop up some veggies and sauté them in olive oil to make a quick and easy sauce. Garlic is a must for flavor; onion and red chili pepper flakes are also good. Beyond that, you can use just about any veggie you like … although pasta with simply garlic, oil, salt and pepper is very tasty as well.

7 scrambled eggs supreme
It took me a long time to concede this to my boy: that scrambled eggs do, in fact, taste better at dinner than they do when they make the traditional appearance as breakfast. My belly just can’t process eggs too early in the day – never mind eggs scrambled up with an array of other hearty goodies like onions and cheese. By dinner time, however, the idea of a filling plate of scrambled eggs sautéed up with a heap of fresh veggies, some good melty cheese, and maybe some turkey and ham sounds downright delicious. Get over the breakfast bias: scrambled eggs really do make for a tasty and nutritious dinner.

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Of course, on evenings when the need to eat a.s.a.p. is so great that I can’t fathom the thought of real cooking at all, there’s always the ever-tasty grilled cheese sandwich.  Gourmet? No … but never fails to make my stomach happy nonetheless.

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