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Alternate Folding Methods
If you're making dumplings with several different fillings, you may want to fold each type of filling a little differently, so that they're readily distinguishable from one another once cooked. Any way you can get the filling snugly encased will work fine, but here are a couple of ideas to get you started. 

Variation 1
Essentially this method involves gathering up the wrapper in the center. You could also make a triangle shape instead of this four-sided shape, simply by pinching the sides of the wrapper up using three fingers. I like to use this shape for deep-fried dumplings.

1 As with the traditional method, hold the wrapper in one hand and wet the circumference. Drop a small amount of filling in the center

2 Fold in half and pinch at the center.

3 Gather up the open ends and pinch at the center. Seal the edges shut by squeezing gently.

Variation 2: Tortellini shape
This is a very easy shape to make, and is essentially the method use for making Italian tortellini. This works great for boiled dumplings, and would look very pretty floating in soup.
1 Proceed with step 1 from above.

2 Fold the wrapper in half and seal shut along the entire edge.

3 Bring the two corners together, lifting, the sealed edge up as pictured. Pinch the two ends together tightly.

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