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cooking for one 
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problem #4: The large sizes of canned goods are always so much cheaper per ounce than the smaller sizes, so I buy those … but then I can’t use up the contents fast enough.
the solution: Buy the small cans, even though they’re pricier.
Even though the small cans cost a bit more per ounce than the larger cans, it’s better to spend a few cents more and actually be able to use all the contents, then to delude yourself into thinking you’re saving money by buying a family-size can of pinto beans that you’ll never be able to finish all by yourself. The small cans may still be more than you need for a single meal, in which case you should transfer the contents to a small plastic container, and use them up for another meal within the next few days.

problem #5: Some nights I just can’t muster the energy to cook, and since there’s no one else relying on me doing so, I end up grazing on whatever happens to be lying around in my cabinets – usually cereal and junk food.
the solution: Keep healthy, no-prep snacks on hand.
Because you WILL graze, keep your kitchen stocked with healthy munchies – pita bread and hummus, raw carrots, cottage cheese, yogurt, etc.

problem #6: I get so bored, cooking for just myself … what’s the point if no one’s there to appreciate my culinary masterpieces?
the solution: What do you mean there’s no one around to enjoy the efforts? Little old you is certainly deserving of a lovely dinner from time to time, all for yourself.
Feeling unmotivated? Treat yourself to a nice meal from time to time – pick a new recipe to try, set the table, use the good dishes, light a candle, pour yourself a glass of wine and revel in your delicious home-cooked meal. 

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Cooking for one may be a challenge, but with a little bit of practice, and the help of these tips and tricks, you’ll quickly get the hang of it. And the rewards of enjoying a healthy, inexpensive home-cooked meal every night are sure to make both your stomach and your wallet very happy.


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