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the Dining CHAIR 
Slipcover Debacle, 
a cautionary tale |
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Now because, in theory, each piece of fabric should have been exactly the right shape, only with a 1.5" inch all-around, I began by matching up the ends of the pieces, then inserting pins 1.5" inches in from the edges. [Note: All the fabric was inside-out while I pinned it over the chair]. Naturally, the fit was far from perfect, so I removed pins as necessary and re-adjusted until all pieces were lined up properly, and draping smoothly over the chair. As with the pattern, I then marked the seam lines along each piece [using pencil this time, rather than magic marker].

Inside-out, the pinned-together slipcover looked beautiful. The pieces fit together perfectly to create a snug cover no egregious bulges, wrinkles, or bubbles anywhere. I was feeling pretty proud of myself at this point, having figured out how to make this all by myself, without any aid from a ready-made pattern, and mentally giving myself quite a few pats on the back. I carefully removed the pins that held together the two pieces of fabric that covered the back, then gently removed the fabric from chair.

Step four: Sewing it shut
I moseyed on over to my sewing machine. At this point, it was essentially a matter of sewing carefully along the penciled seam lines. For the most part, this proved pretty straightforward, that is, until I reached the spot where back panel and seat panel meet. For at this tricky intersection, not two, but four pieces of fabric came together in a crazy array of different angles. After a brief moment of panic, I did the best I could do to flatten out the fabric at that juncture. And with a huge leap of faith, stepped on that sewing machine pedal and sealed the junction tightly shut. And now it was time to reveal the finished product. With eager anticipation, I turned the sewn-up slipcover right-side out again ...

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