crafty crafty: Make a  
illow SHAM 
| instructions

What youíll need |
fabric and matching thread
ruler (yardstick, preferably)
pencil in a color thatíll show up on your fabric
masking tape or other removable tape
sewing machine

1 Measure your pillow: You can make a sham for any sort of rectangular pillow, whether itís for your bed or for the sofa. Use a tape measure to figure out the height and width of the pillow, and write it down.

pillow height = _____________
pillow width = ______________

2 Figure out how much fabric you need. You can make your border as thick as you like, although a 2"-4" border is most common, and the larger the pillow, the bigger the border can be. Youíll be cutting out three pieces of fabric with the following dimensions Ö

1 sham front piece: 

width = pillow width + 2*border + 1"
height = pillow height+ 2*border + 1"

2 sham back pieces:

width = 1/2*(pillow width) + border + 1/2" + 2" + 2"
height=sham front height

* Note: if you're covering a big, overstuffed, pillow, it's a good idea to increase the overlap allowance to 3" for the width

3 Carefully measure and mark your fabric using a colored pencil and a ruler. Cut your fabric.

4 Press a 1" double hem on one long edge of each sham back piece by placing the fabric face down, folding 1" and ironing flat, then folding another inch and ironing again. Sew the hems using a straight stitch.

5 On a clean flat surface, place the sham front face up. Line up one of the sham back pieces to the edge of the sham front, and place it face down. Line up the remaining sham back to the opposite edge of the sham front piece, again placing it face down. Pin the fabric together at the edges, as well as along the overlap

6 Sew a 1/2" seam along the entire perimeter using a straight stitch. (You can  mark the sewing line using a ruler and pencil first if youíre not feeling too confident about your ability to sew in a relatively straight line.) Remove all the pins.

7 Turn the pillowcase right-side out, using a pen or pencil to poke the corners square if necessary. Iron the pillow sham flat, to get the edges good and crisp.

8 Now for the border: to help you keep a straight line, measure _____ inches in from the edge of the fabric (fill in the blank with the border thickness you decided upon way back when you were making fabric calculations), and  apply scotch or masking tape (any tape that isnít too stubbornly tacky Ė you want to be able to remove it easily) to mark your sewing line on the fabric. Make sure you remember which edge of the tape youíll be using as your guide. Pin the fabric together so that the front and back pieces donít slide around. Sew a straight edge along the entire border, sewing just to the edge of the tape rather than through it (if you accidentally sew through the tape, donít panic Ö itís just a little more work when it comes time to remove it).

9 Remove all your pins; peel off the tape. Stuff in your pillow through the back of the sham, snuggle back and enjoy. 


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