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office space part 4 | 1 2 3 4
continued from page 3

Iím more or less happy with how the sofa nook looks now , though thereís still something not quite right about the wall directly above the sofa. It features a cute wall hanging made by my aunt Ė which I love, but just not where itís currently being displayed. The space needs something bigger, with more of the green-blue colors used in the room, but until I find just the right painting (or take the time to make one myself), itís going to have to do.

top: original color scheme, or lack thereof
bottom: new cheery color scheme

As for the desk portion of the room, the changes are small but significant. I sew a greenish-yellow curtain for the window, which adds a nice backdrop of color, and blocks the sun much better than the vertical blinds that previously hung in its place. We also invest in a new office chair for the boy, since his old one is terribly uncomfortable, and ugly to boot. (Tip on where to get good office chairs: donít go to the office superstores Ö their chairs seriously suck, and arenít even cheap. You can get much better chairs at better prices by looking for an office furniture retailer that sells used stuff.) The new chair sports a funky yellow/green pattern that works just peachily with the rest of the room.

Of course, once you start making some changes itís hard just to step back and say enough! In one last attempt to out-Martha the queen of matchy-matchy decorating herself, I actually go ahead and make a conscious decision to change our computer screen backgrounds to complement the new color scheme. Yes, itís supremely anal-retentive to change your screen background to match your dťcor. But since our screens our what we look at the most when weíre using this room, I actually manage to convince myself that color-coordinated screen backgrounds are crucial. Itís really rather sad and Iím pretty embarrassed to admit it, but with this last little color detail attended to, Iím happy with the room at last.


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