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office space part 4 | 1 2 3 4
continued from page 2

Painting the whole room seems like too much work, particularly since our walls feature an unfortunate streaky texture that I have no idea how to rectify. Which leaves me with altering the color of furniture and upholstery. After an hour or two of messing around with various options, I come up with a version of the room that Iím happy with (above).

color away
The first thing I do is to drag the tall file cabinet Ė emptied of its contents, of course, to make it slightly less unwieldy Ė outside for some painting. Iíve decided to paint it a yellowy-orange which, unfortunately, turns out to be just a little more yellow than Iíd actually hoped for. Interestingly enough, I also discover that itís the exact same yellow hue that Iíd chosen to paint our side yard gate Ė which I suppose means that I must just really, really like this color, and subconsciously gravitate towards it even when Iím not intending to. At any rate, by the time I discover that the colorís not exactly right, Iíve done four coats and am feeling completely un-inclined to buy new paint and start over.

I console myself with the reassurance that the colorís not that far off, and besides, itíll look better once itís sitting next to the other file cabinet, which Iím planning to paint a yummy lime green. Of course, the lime green is also not quite the color I had in mind Ė again, it seems a tad too yellow Ė all of which serves as a lesson to me for future projects: paint does not look the same at the store as it does once you bring it home. Paint a large swatch first and look at it in the room before making any commitments.

So the colors arenít quite perfect, but theyíre a great improvement, and Iím not too unhappy with the results. I even take the extra step of painting the two storage boxes that normally sit on top of the short file cabinet, in the same lime green, thus reaching new heights of Martha-Stewart-ishness (this causes my sweetie, who fails to see why the boxes should match the file cabinet, to mock me rather mercilessly. Which I probably deserve.) To brighten up the sofa more, I make a new cover for the large square pillow, and add two small yellowish-green embroidered throw pillows as well. The pillows give the sofa a nice, comfy, inviting feel, and provide the perfect place to curl up with some reading, during those rare moments where Iím smart enough to drag myself away from the computer.

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