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Handy Household  Tools
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electric drill

If you’re going to be doing heavy-duty drilling, a corded drill gives you much more power; however, a cordless drill (fig. 4) will be just fine for most light household tasks, and has the advantage of letting you move around 
without having to be attached to an outlet. A 3/8-inch reversible (reversible is important – it means you’ll be able to un-screw), variable speed drill is a good all-purpose choice. As an added bonus, many electric drills also have screwdriver attachments that convert the tool into an electric screwdriver.


4 pliers, needle-nose and regular
Use pliers for gripping objects and holding them in place while you work. Look for needle-nose pliers with wire-cutting jaws for added versatility.


5 wrenches
For gripping, fastening and unfastening nuts and bolts, an adjustable wrench (fig. 7) will give you the most flexibility, as it can accommodate a variety of sizes. However, socket wrench (fig.8) and box-end wrench sets (fig. 9) will sometimes work a bit better, since each wrench is designed to fit a specific nut/bolt size perfectly.

You may also want a set of Allen wrenches (fig. 10) – ready-to-assemble furniture often requires their use.

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