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please pass the blarney a st. patrick's day dinner party by Kelly Beachell Gasner | 1 2 3 4
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Of course, the table isn't really finished without flowers and candles. Instead of going for those cheesy green-dyed carnations so horribly prevalent at this time of year, make a low-and-wide arrangement of greens, babies breath, and orange day lilies or (easier to find) alstromeria (tiger lilies) to capture the colors of the flag and pretty up the table. Add any arrangement of white candles - - votives, pillars, tapers, whatever you like - - to symbolize the pagan Celts, whose fire festivals celebrated the changing of the seasons.

Think Irish food and you automatically think potatoes. Indeed, no traditional Irish meal would be complete without them. The Irish place a heavy emphasis on eating fresh, local food (a good practice, I'd say), so their cuisine is heavily based on what's available to them. North Atlantic seafood (lobster and cod), farm-raised lamb, beef, pork and root vegetables (especially those ubiquitous potatoes) are the foundations of Irish cooking. 
Now don't get me wrong -- globalization has made exotic ingredients readily available on a once isolated island, and new Irish cooking can get pretty gourmet. But for a traditional feast, go for the warm and filling, stick-to-your-ribs cooking of the Irish countryside. Offer a starter of boxty (potato pancakes) with apple sauce. Follow it up with corned beef and cabbage and warm homemade Irish soda bread (don't forget the butter). Or, for something simpler, serve a steaming bowl of hearty Irish stew. If you feel like making an effort, make a gorgeous Strawberry and Bailey's Fool for dessert, or simply whip up an Irish sundae -- a mixture of ice cream, whiskey, liquor, and milk.

Irish Sundae
2 scoops vanilla ice cream
1 ½ ounces Irish whiskey
2 tsp. white cream de menthe
Milk for topping  

Put the ice cream into a parfait or other tall glass.  Combine whiskey and crème de menthe, pour over ice cream.  Top up with milk.

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Boxty (potato pancakes) with Apple Sauce
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Strawberry and Bailey’s Fool 

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