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have food, will travel how to have a picnic by Yee-Fan Sun | 1 2 3
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little niceties
With some tasty nibbles and quaffables tucked into your bag, cooler or picnic basket, you're off to a good start, but before you head off for your picnic, don't forget to pack a few more items to ensure a cozy, comfy meal out.

If you'll be sitting on grass, bring a plastic sheet or plastic bags to place under your cushy picnic blanket (sheet, tablecloth, whatever), just in case the lawn's a little damp. For extensive sitting about, foldable beach or camping chairs will keep your legs from getting too stiff. Meanwhile, you'll need a few items to make the eating and drinking a little more civilized. Pack a cutting board for anything that might need to be sliced up, along with a sturdy knife (protect the blade in transport by securing it in some cardboard). If the food calls for it, throw in some paper/plastic plates and utensils too; at the very least, pack a stack of napkins. And of course, don't forget some cups for your drinks, plus a spare bag for collecting your mess once the picnic's over.

Lazing about in the warm weather might well provide all the entertainment anyone needs, but just in case folks start getting antsy to actually do something, it's a good idea to throw a Frisbee in the bag along with you. (And please, make it an official-size disc rather than one of those dinky faux-frisbees you got for free in your college dining hall, or at the company picnic, or wherever.) Toss the disc around; get a game of Ultimate going if you have the crowd for it; set up a round of Frisbee golf (use tree trunks, telephone poles and the like as the "holes" you're aiming for; this works best in a not-too-crowded park, where the chance of taking off some unsuspecting stranger's head is minimal). Meanwhile, for those who like their outdoor kicks a bit more sedentary, pack a deck of cards or some board games to while away the time in leisure.

Last but not least, you'll want to make sure that you're actually comfortable while you're out in the great outdoors. Outdoor temps can be mighty changeable, and shivering at your picnic? Not so enjoyable. Bring something warm to throw on in case the wind picks up or a chill sets in once the sun goes down. And speaking of enjoyable, you'll find your outdoor experience a whole lot more fun if you go prepared to ward off the pesky biting bugs. Throw some bug spray in along with the rest of your stuff and you're ready to go a-picnicking.


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