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dinner for two, chez vous surviving the
 first dinner date at your place
by Patricia Virella |
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Turn off those glaring overhead lights, ditch the halogen, and make liberal use of good old-fashioned candles to help set the stage for an evening of love. To further enhance the romance factor, select some tunes to get you two grooving and vibing together. I love slow ambient grooves during dinner, like Portishead or Sade, maybe even some LTJ Bukeum. You might also get a jazzy feel going by sticking with such classics as John Coltrane’s A Love Supreme or a collection of Billie Holiday’s sultry hits. A great tactic is to pick tunes that the two of you have discussed in the past. A mutual interest in a particular band or genre of music can turn into a lovely dinner conversation piece -- and provide the perfect segue into learning about what other interests the two of you may share.
Albums to get you two grooving ...

PortisheadDummy or Portishead

SadeLovers Rock or Stronger Than Pride or Best of Sade

LTJ BukeumJourney Inwards or Logical Progression Level 1

John ColtraneA Love Supreme or Coltrane for Lovers

Billie HolidayLady Day :The Best Of Billie Holiday or Billie Holiday for Lovers

dinner for 2
Having your new sweetie over for dinner provides the perfect opportunity to show off your amazing culinary skills. So go for something familiar, something easy, something you know you could make half-asleep, blindfolded, with one-hand tied behind your back. This is an all-time rule of thumb that never fails. Do not try and re-create the remarkable childhood memory-filled meal that he told you his Mom made when he was little. The reason’s simple: there is absolutely no way that your rendition of his favorite dish is going to taste exactly like Mom’s. It might taste very good – it may even be better than hers in many respects – but if you’re off even off a little, he’ll be thinking "Mom’s cooking is so much better," even as he claims to appreciate the attempt.

No, the key to success it to show him how you cook and how you can satisfy his palate. Do not try something excruciatingly hard like sushi or something ultra fancy like duck a l’orange, unless, of course, you happen to be an expert sushi-maker or a brilliant French chef. Make your favorite recipe, that signature dish that you’re known for amongst all your friends and loved ones. For me, that’s my ginger-citrus-cilantro salmon or chicken, served with orzo with basil and sun-dried tomatoes. This is my favorite dish to make and the easiest dish for me to serve up for guests. Since I’ve made it so many times for myself and others, I have the timing down pat: I know exactly when the salmon gets tender enough, and the exact moment to take the rice off the stove so it can properly absorb the flavors of the basil and sun dried tomatoes.

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