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04.16.2007 | 1 2
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Somehow, some way (well, to be honest, that way is a whole complicated story unto itself), one day has become – gulp! – now. Our little household of two is about to become a family of four: we’re expecting twins this May. Watching my belly growing bigger and bigger over these past several months, there’s been no denying it (though it still feels surreal): parenthood is imminent. Which by my own definition, means I’m supposed to be moving from quasi- to full-fledged adulthood … and by the tagline's definition, beyond Digs.

The thing is, while I have no doubt the arrival of the kidlets will change my life in ways I can’t even begin to envision, in most of the ways that matter, I suspect I’ll still be my old self at heart. With the new responsibilities of the mommy life making time and money even more of a factor in my quest for domestic bliss, I figure I’ll have to get ever more resourceful in trying to make these digs a comfy, homey place. Fortunately, as these seven years of running Digs have already taught me, a little creativity can make even the teeny-tiniest of budgets go a long, long way.

All of which is to say: I’m looking forward to continuing to share new ideas on decorating, cooking, entertaining, and lazing about. Yes, we’ll be taking a summer hiatus from publishing new articles. But instead, we'll feature periodic specials culled from handy advice past. These will be geared at all you newly post-college quasi-adults (though others may well find them useful too). There’ll be mini-guides to finding and setting up house, getting started in the kitchen, and throwing easy but fab fetes to show off all your new cooking and decorating skills; meanwhile, the boards will continue to offer fresh content as always (join in the discussion -- we're friendly! and fun!).

And though my own pre-parenthood state is soon to be a thing of the past, Digs isn’t going anywhere (nor will it turn into Digs: the Baby Years; as far as I'm concerned, there are already resources a-plenty on parenthood). We’ll be back again with fresh content come fall.

See, maybe growing up isn’t about getting any surer that you know where life’s going. Maybe being grown-up isn’t about building some perfect home, being some perfect you, attaining some perfect life. And quasi-adult isn’t a stage of development, but a way of thinking: always looking for new and better ways to build the life you want, staying open to the possibilities.


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