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02.04.2002 | 1 2
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For the past six months or so, Iíve been ignoring money thoughts. I ignored all the talk about the dying days of free content on the web; I ignored all the advertising talk about how banner ads donít work; I even did a fair job of banishing the worries regarding my monthly revenue reports, which confirmed all too well that the banner ads on my particular site, at least, were no longer providing anything close to a respectable income. (Actually, lately, itís been downright laughable).

Through it all, I always had the excuse that it wasnít my fault. My network took care of my ad sales, so when the ad sales petered out, it was easy to lay the blame upon someone else. But the fact is, Digs has become a full-time job that no longer even pays enough to cover my very, very miniscule operating costs. All the ignoring and blaming in the world isnít going to change the fact that my bills keep coming and I have to get them paid somehow.

So maybe itís time for me to do just a little growing up. Digs has parted ways with Chickclick/ Snowball, and weíre trying to make a go of it on our own. And though making moneyís still not fun, a little money Ė not gobs, mind you Ė is, unfortunately, necessary. So now, in this transition phase, Iím experimenting a bit with different ways to generate income. The biggest change you'll notice is the addition of a new feature to the site, digsShop, where you'll find an array of products and services we think are pretty nifty (and hope you'll love too). Buy after clicking on any of the links in the Shop, and a portion of the sale will go towards supporting Digs.

I still donít know whatís going to work (and if you have any ideas, please feel free to share). But Iím trying to be responsible, and find a way to support this site that doesnít make the experience of visiting the site any less pleasant for you, the readers. No matter how hard the times may get, Iíll always care more about your needs, my interests, and the quality of this site, than about all the greenbacks in the world. May I never be so grown-up that Iíll lose track of those ideals.


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